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  • Round-the-clock video surveillance
  • Services of a speech therapist and psychologist
  • Five balanced meals a day
  • Small groups of up to 12 people
  • Developing creativity
  • Medical care

First time in kindergarten!

Kindergarten is an institution that, according to most psychologists, should be attended by most children who have no direct contraindications. But kindergarten is not the same as kindergarten. Going to a bad (or simply not suitable for your child) kindergarten can turn into serious problems. Therefore, it is necessary to take the choice of kindergarten very seriously.

The first thing to remember when sending your child to kindergarten is that teachers will be working with the child every day, and it is from them that the adaptation and further kindergarten life of the child will depend. It is important to understand that not always a prestigious, expensive kindergarten is the place where your child will feel good.

The inspection of the kindergarten begins with a visit to the manager, you can call in advance and make an appointment, without an appointment it is better to come from 10 to 12 am. When inspecting the kindergarten, be sure to pay attention to how the teachers talk to the children and among themselves: whether they are attentive to the kids, do not raise your voice, how they organize play. You need to understand whether your child will be respected and understood here.

Pay special attention to the analysis of educational programs, what classes are held outside the standard program, what specialists work, whether all children necessarily attend additional classes, or you can choose. To get the final information, come to the kindergarten by 17-18 hours, and talk to the parents who pick up children, most of them have recently been in "your skin" and will gladly answer all questions.

Message from the Director

We are happy to welcome you on our official website!

Every parent usually wants to choose the best kindergarten for their child. And having already decided on the choice, still experience anxiety, entrusting their child to strangers working in a preschool institution. Therefore, the qualified staff of our kindergarten strives to create an atmosphere of comfort, success and positivity when accepting children.

We open our doors to everyone who wants to give their children the best from the first years of life. Each child crossing the threshold of the "Alma kids", surrounded by care experienced educators and teachers. Our kindergarten is a cozy, bright, modern home designed specifically for exciting and developing education of children. We understand how much you care about your kids, and we guarantee that Alma Kids is a kindergarten, where your child is carefully looked after and taken care of throughout the day, providing not only comprehensive training, but also entertainment. And for our little pupils it's their own magic land, where it's really fun and interesting, where everyone can learn a lot of new things and make a lot of great friends.

Offering the best education, we don't stop there and set new goals!




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